Applications & Nomination Forms

Applications & Nomination Forms


Summer Programs

We welcome applications online or by post, but strongly encourage the use of our online form for both TASS and TASP applications.

The 2020 application cycle will begin in October, when we will post information about next summer’s seminars. Applications will be available in November, and they will be due in early January 2020.

For more information, please contact us at or request information.


Michigan Branch

Cornell Branch



Nomination Forms

Every fall, we accept nominations of promising students for our summer programs from teachers, counselors, mentors, and community members. Such nominations are not mandatory, and they have no bearing on an applicant’s chances.

The nomination cycle for the 2020 summer programs will begin in October. We prefer to receive nominations via our website. Previous nominators will receive invitations to nominate, but we gladly welcome new nominators!

We will send information and application materials to nominated students in November and December. In general, all our materials are available online, so students should not be prevented from applying just because they did not receive printed materials from us. For more information about Telluride Association summer programs, please visit the TASS and TASP pages, or contact us at



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