TASP 1981

13 Mar Telluride Dreams

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 To my mild chagrin, I confess to having another dream about Telluride last night. As a long-time alum and current staffer, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Telluride haunts some of my sleeping as well as waking hours, and I...

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Telluride Association

12 Feb 50 Years Ago in the Telluride Newsletter

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 Reading old Telluride Newsletters often affords interesting perspectives on commonalities—and differences—with the Telluride of today.  The March 1969 issue is no different! Here are a few highlights. We invite you to click on the link and take a walk back in...

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29 Nov Nunn on the Moon

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 [caption id="attachment_3660" align="alignright" width="256"] NASA photo, via Wikimedia Commons[/caption] It turns out that Deep Springs is not the only arid, dusty valley memorialized by a Nunn. Joseph Nunn, who was L.L. Nunn’s nephew and a CBTA member in the 1920s (and...

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21 Nov Learning Millions

by Grace Wang MB18 I wasn’t a foreigner to the number of zeroes on the Excel spreadsheet… the summer before, I had interned at a hedge fund and gotten used to how the word “millions” could be casually thrown around. However, for the first time, I...

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Power Grid

09 Nov Board Games

by Puneet Singh MB16 TA17 The Board of Custodians met for their quarterly meeting and conducted some on-site Manager visits in beautiful Boston this weekend. Currently, one of the major issues that is on everyone’s mind is how to incorporate our values as an Association to...

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Wee Stinky 1 photoshop

30 Oct Ithaca is Gorges–And So Is Telluride

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 The Fall Creek and Cascadilla Creek gorges flanking Cornell University’s campus are a signature attraction for visitors, and have also been popular destinations for generations of Cornell branchmembers, TASPers, and TASSers. Perhaps lesser known to outsiders, Cornell Branch has its...

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24 Oct Brexit means…?

Thoughts from a Pubspeak at the Michigan Branch by Jess Allen MB18 [caption id="attachment_3589" align="alignleft" width="225"] Jess Allen in Potsdam, Germany age 17 in 2011 at an international summer school[/caption] This was a difficult question to answer, because with under six months before the United Kingdom is scheduled...

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10 Oct Don’t Touch My Hair!

Historical Perspectives and Current Trends for Black Hair By Aixa Marchand MB17 & Natasha Johnson MB16 Slides, notes, music and videos from a PubSpeak at MBTA on September 27, 2018.

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2004 UM TASS 034 - Compressed

26 Sep Tell Us Your Dream TASS or TASP Seminar Topic

[caption id="attachment_3501" align="alignright" width="215"] The 1974 Cremona Field TASP living up to its name[/caption] by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 Two hundred and twenty-five TASPs have been held since 1954, and 54 TASSes since 1993, covering an extremely broad range of topics in the liberal arts. Indeed,...

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082918 newly paved at CBTA

29 Aug You Never Know Who You’ll Meet…

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 [caption id="attachment_3426" align="alignright" width="225"] Many roads lead to Telluride, including this freshly paved one.[/caption] Preparing the logistics for Telluride’s summer programs entails a lot of different tasks, from creating contracts to ordering books and…buying extra sheets. Telluride’s Administrative Director Ellen Baer...

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CBTA Dining Area

26 Jul Moving Towards Less Meat Consumption

By Joaquin Brito Jr. CB17 TA18 [caption id="attachment_3385" align="alignright" width="300"] CBTA Dining Area[/caption] As the climate continues to change, how we transform ourselves, our communities, and society towards sustainable practices will be a hot (pun intended) topic of conversation. Last year at CBTA, we continued engaging in...

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Poster for State, designed by Austin Dunbar.

19 Jul Urban Appalachian Oratorio

by Nate May MB07 In April 2014 I was working as a high school math teacher in Fayette County, West Virginia, when I accepted an offer to begin a master’s degree in music composition in the coming fall at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. I...

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12 Jul Apples

by Marina Tinone SP15 TA17 They were pretty. The little red flowers, all bunched together. The apartment window open, and the light coming through. I watered the flowers. And I thought that if Grandma were the one watering them, she would be singing. So, I sang the...

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L.L. Nunn and several unidentified colleagues on a trip to Rome, in the late 1880s or early 1890s.

13 Jun Telluriders Abroad

by Matthew Trail Over the last 100 years, the Telluride Newsletter has regularly featured letters and articles from its overseas associates. From the croquet lawns of Oxford to Mussolini’s Italy and the Biafran War, Telluriders have brought their insights, humor, and critical eye to their experiences—and...

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20180517 Ridley Jones image

17 May Ridley Jones SP05 MB06 TA08 shares her poetry

by Ridley Jones SP05 MB06 TA08 __________ Seattle Freeze Beneath the sky's furrowed brow Furtive rivulets of we disappear And the mountains lay down Their daily burden   _________ Autumn Song Slide with me, world, dark and gentle Fall through me, time, swift and lovely In dying days I lift my eyes, I fill them up With warm...

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Cornell Branch's "catputters" have been a tradition for much of its history. (We'll save the details for a subsequent blog post). These catputters include a future Chief Economist at US AID (Mellor), a UC-system Vice President (Balderston), a 30+ year "China hand" with the State Department (Harding), and an international development expert (Cole), who is still involved in Telluride.

09 May Oddities from the Archives

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84 Telluride Association's history is rich with colorful characters, interesting traditions, and great stories. In today's blog, we feature just a few of the interesting photos from our archives...

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03 May CBTA Hosts Retreat of Nunnian Institutions

by Jess Falcone CB04 TA07 photos by Puneet Singh MB16 TA17 [caption id="attachment_3217" align="alignleft" width="300"] Jess Falcone CB04 TA07 makes a comment as Alexandra Medzibrodszky CB17 looks on[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3215" align="alignleft" width="300"] CBTA faculty guest Matteo Magarotto CB16 introduces a classical music concert[/caption]                 The first Nunnian Weekend ran from...

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old Telluride Newsletter logo cropped

22 Mar 50 Years Ago in the Telluride Newsletter

50 Years Ago in the Telluride Newsletter: Past Telluride Newsletters are often a fascinating window into both the history of Telluride Association and the wider currents of social and political issues of the day. The November 1968 issue is a great example of both. Interspersed with chatty,...

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CBTA record album covers reduced

07 Mar Telluriders in Music

Music—both its performance and study—has been a topic of great interest to many Telluriders over the years (it is no accident that one of Cornell Branch’s public rooms is known as the “Music Room,” nor that music is a frequent topic of TASS and TASP...

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Debate Photo from Cornell Sun

24 Jan 1962: Civil Rights and Black Power at CBTA

By Michael Becker [caption id="attachment_3004" align="alignleft" width="451"] James Farmer (far left), director of Congress on Racial Equality, addresses the audience at the Cornell debate, as moderator Rev. Paul L. Jacquith, director of CURW, and Malcolm X (far right) of the Nation of Islam look on. Used...

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Emblem competition 1913

15 Dec An Emblem for the Association

The excerpts below refer to a very early effort on the part of Telluride Association to develop an emblem for itself. The effort was “crowd-sourced,” and generated a fair amount of discussion. Apparently, however, the early efforts led to naught… From 1912 Proceedings, pp. 23-24. Mr. Ray...

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Telluride Association

29 Nov The Active vs. Passive Investment Debate

Anthony W. Mariano The Telluride Association’s Investment Policy Statement, passed at the 2016 Convention dictates that our investment strategy “will utilize both passively and actively managed investments.” A later section states: “The asset allocation will be implemented using both active and passive investment managers. Highly efficient...

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Telluride Association

15 Nov Past Summer Programs

Has Telluride Ever Hosted Summer Programs at Stanford University? Yes! Telluride has sponsored TASPs at 15 different sites since 1954, and TASS at 3. Here’s the list: TASP: Cornell: 1954 – Deep Springs College: 1957-60, 1969-73, 1978-90 Stanford: 1961-62 Princeton: 1963-66 Hampton University: 1966-70 Cremona Field TASP:...

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Tiffany Yizer

08 Nov Alumni Profile: Tiffany Yizar

In our Alumni Profile series, we'll be sitting down with Telluride alumni from a wide variety of fields who are making their mark on their profession and their communities. For our inaugural interview, we sat down with Tiffany Yizar, SS01 SP02. Tiffany holds a bachelor's...

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